Hello, I am Aga Lawrynowicz

I am a personal coach on a mission to support women and mothers during their transitions. 

Bringing empowerment and clarity to mothers on their transition journey.

Why transitions?

Really, life is all about transitions. Sometimes they are forced upon us by events beyond our control. And sometimes we actively choose transitions, such as choosing to partner, or move to a new city, find a better job, or change careers. But whether we choose them or they are chosen for us, transitions almost always ask us to redefine who we are, to integrate who’ve we become, and re-find our sense of belonging.

Bringing empowerment and clarity to mothers on their transition journey.

And why mothers?

Because of all the transitions I’ve yet experienced, I’ve found motherhood to be the most profound, meaningful, and challenging. And I’ve come to believe that I’m not alone. For many, the transition into motherhood represents a time of intense instability, self-doubt and turbulence as our lives, priorities, and sense of self gets turned upside down.


I strongly believe that empowering women and mothers makes our society more robust. 

Bringing empowerment and clarity to mothers on their transition journey.

Coming from a lineage of women living tough lives I strived for freedom from the confines of tireless domestic work and mothering.

I left Poland, graduated from college the first in my family to do so and landed a job in oil and gas industry. I spent over 10 years working on oil rigs and consulting as a petrophysicist. All the while, I was driven and filled with a can-do-spirit.

In my early thirties, when I lived in The Netherlands I met my future husband. We soon decided to marry and start a family. At 35 I was 6 months pregnant and I left my community of friends and a success-driven professional identity as a young engineer, and immigrated to Seattle where my husband was already based. Here I became an instant stepmother to my husband's two sons, ages 11 and 13. I didn't have a clue how to mother these boys who were from a completely different culture and parenting model than the strict, rule-driven home I grew up in.

Bringing empowerment and clarity to mothers on their transition journey.

All at once I gave up my professional identity, was pregnant, became a stepmother and was living in an entirely new culture.

My daughter was born three months after I arrived in Seattle. My heart grew while watching this new life unfold. I discovered new dimensions of happiness and love. I didn’t want to let go of her. Caring for my daughter was my highest priority and I was determined to be the best mother I possibly could. At the same time, I struggled to define my new identity as a full-time mother. I felt isolated and confused and at times I did not act like the mom I wanted to be.

In an attempt to reclaim my former self, I went back to work as a consultant for oil and gas industry. Even though my business was successful I quickly realized my old career was no longer a meaningful mission in life. The success gave me no sense of fulfillment. The weekly paycheck came at the cost of constantly feeling stress and barely seeing my baby. I had to face the fact that my priorities and life values had shifted radically as a result of the dramatic transition I went through. There was no going back to the former me which meant I had to figure out how the new me was going to move forward.

Bringing empowerment and clarity to mothers on their transition journey.

Again I stepped away from professional work to be a full time mom. This felt right to me, but wasn’t easy. Even though I was fortunate that my husband was able to support us, I struggled to feel at peace with my choice. As a stay-at-home mom I was caught up in millions of invisible tasks everyday, without a salary and still facing the frequent “do you work?” question. With so little validation from the outside world, it was hard to remember what I knew in my heart - I was still doing important work in the world. I’d given so much to transcend my mother’s and grandmothers’ plight and become an educated, career woman and now here I was a lonely and lost stay-at-home-mom and step mom.

After my second child was born I discovered mindfulness. It was a revelation to me! One of my teachers developed and led a program teaching mindfulness at schools to teenagers. She invited me to join her teacher training. It was a deep experience which led me to discover my passion of empowering mothers.


Transitions can be hard and the confusion doesn't just dissolve.

Without support we are at risk of abandoning our mission in life or maybe even not discovering it. And this is what I am passionate to guide you through. I am advocating for the space of growth no matter what choice you made or were forced to make.

I will help you find the way out of confusion and gain deeper understanding of your unique essence so you can live FULFILLED life and express yourself freely in the world.