Three Free Ways to Elevate Your Self-care

Self-care is a very fashionable expression these days. And I like it! Whatever you do to take care of yourself is a step in the right direction. As a caregiver, it is important to take time for yourself and to step away from your daily tasks and to-do-lists.

For many self-care is a commitment to oneself. And what’s better than committing to something that will hold you accountable? We often book facials, mani/pedicure or massages or get gym or yoga studio memberships. Taking time to take care of our bodies is crucial and I can only encourage you to do it. How many times though did you go to that beauty treatment or yoga class and while there you were wallowing in resentment? I am definitely guilty of that! 

I would love you to go deeper and elevate your self-care. Elevated self-care is about cultivating your sense of wellbeing.

What I will suggest to you is simple and yet it brings amazing results. Surprisingly it is free of charge!

There are three components of elevated self-care:

connect w yourself.png

1. Connect

It is important to connect with yourself to establishing a deep relationship with yourself.

All it takes is just stopping for a few minutes or even seconds and checking in with yourself. How do you feel? And whatever you are feeling, it’s ok. It is about acknowledging and accepting any difficult emotions that you experience.

For me, it was huge to acknowledge the struggle and pain I was experiencing. It helped me find self-compassion. The pain was still there, but there is something miraculous about leaning into hard feelings. They clear out much faster than when we try to deny them.

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Do things that nurture you every day. These things might be as little or big as you want. For some, it’s reading a book or sipping tea, for others, it would be 5 minutes of meditation or a walk outside. It is about intentionally inspiring yourself.

Do you know what it is for you? What makes you feel great? What gives you a sense of fulfillment? Make a list of all these nurturing things.

For me, it’s getting up early and meditating, then some journaling while sipping my tea. I love being the only person awake and when everyone gets up, my cup is already full. Sometimes I like staying up late and enjoying the peace and quiet, but this ends up being hard on me the next day.

Another huge thing for me is this ritual: I love to reflect upon my past month at the new moon. I also set my intentions for the upcoming month and it helps me stay grounded as I keep connecting with it every day.

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3. Prioritize

Make sure to prioritize these actions that connect you to yourself and nurture your soul. That means do them first and do them often. Everyday. Several times a day if possible.

This simple and free habit of taking a few minutes for elevated self-care does amazing things to your life. Being grounded and having a profound relationship with yourself is priceless!

The more grounded you are the better you can access your resources. 

It impacts how you are in the world and helps with many important issues such as setting boundaries, establishing healthy relationships, and general wellness. 

Aga Lawrynowicz